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A step-by-step video training course You Can Count On To Take You From Zero To Having Your Own Profitable Blog – Guaranteed!

Do What You Love and Get Paid For It!

Thousands of bloggers all over the world are making a great income by writing about their passions!  From blogging about their mother’s secret home cooking recipes to blogs about the latest tech trends – these bloggers are generating traffic and income levels that rival traditional print publications! All this while working from the comfort of their own home or wherever there’s Internet access.

Now you can join this elite group of professional bloggers regardless of your level of technical literacy. How? Just watch and follow along with our step-by-step videos and you will be guided right from the beginning all the way up to becoming a pro-blogger.

Why You Need a System Like This…

The challenge with learning to master WordPress today is not that there is not enough information. It’s because there’s too much information and mis-information. And because new versions of WordPress are constantly being released, many of the information out there have become outdated and outright confusing!

Now, with our Training Course – you get a course syllabus that is created by professional bloggers that is systematic and constantly being updated as WordPress and the world of blogging evolves.

Our Training Videos Are:

  • Created by professional bloggers making a full-time living online
  • Zero-fluff training videos. Just watch, do and get results!
  • Our videos and course syllabus are constantly being updated
  • Streamed at high speed from Amazon S3 servers
  • Divided into modular lessons with built-in support for each lesson
  • Designed to help you make money with your blog from day 1!

“But What If I Already Have a Blog?”

That’s great – congratulations! Our Training Course has something for you too!Let our Advanced Course help you to take your blog to the next level by teaching you more ways to get traffic or discover more ways to earn income from your blog!


Here’s what will be covered in our specialised training:

  1. Module 1: Internet Marketing Basics (14 Lessons)
  2. Module 2: Wordpress Step-by-Step (21 Lessons)
  3. Module 3: Advanced Blog Tips 1 (7 Lessons)
  4. Module 4: Advanced Blog Tips 2 (7 Lessons)
  5. Module 5: Make Money Blogging (6 Lessons)
  6. Bonus 1: SEO & Link Building (9 Lessons)
  7. Bonus 2: List Building Tips (8 Lessons)
  8. Bonus 3: Social Media Marketing (5 Lessons)

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Q. I’m really bad with technology and computers, can I still learn to be a professional blogger? Absolutely! Our beginner course was designed to be a “watch-and-follow” guide. And if you get stuck along any of the lessons, you can access support within each individual lesson!
  2. Q. I already have a blog, can I still benefit from this training?
    Yes! We highly recommend existing bloggers to take our Advanced course which covers very intimate professional blogging secrets. These include creating and editing your own themes, building membership sites with WordPress and revealing multiples ways of making money with your blog!
  3. Q. How do I get help if I’m having trouble with any of the lessons?
    Our membership site is broken down into modules and then to individual lessons. Within each lesson, there’s a support forum to ask and share your insights within that lesson. This way, if you’re stuck at any specific level, you can get help specifically for that lesson any time!
  4. Q. Is there any hidden charges or recurring fees?
    Absolutely NOT. By paying just a one-time fee for the Beginner or Advance courses, you will get access to all the training videos and any updates as WordPress and the world of blogging evolves. You can access these videos any time by logging into your membership area.

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