3 Steps to set and achieve any GOAL

A goal is more like a seed that you plant in the ground. It is an IDEA that you want to realize. At the moment of inception you have no idea how you will achieve or realize it. However, you need to be aware that it is governed by the exact laws that control the growth process of a physical seed.

All seeds have a gestation period. We believe the gestation period of a baby seed is 280 days. Now, with an idea or goal there’s a gestation period too. But, knowing how the laws work we can fairly guess what the gestation period can be by planting any IDEA into the garden of our SUBCONSCIOUS mind and nourish it through constant spaced repetition.

Let’s dive into the 3 Step process of creating and achieving any goal or idea:

Step 1:

Build an IMAGE of what you want. Decide what You Want.

Step 2:

Plant it in the garden of your subconscious mind by falling in love with the IDEA or GOAL. Simple method that I have proved as the best in realizing any IDEA or GOAL is continuously writing and reading an affirmation of exactly what you want. Now, by doing so you are creating feelings of gratitude in relation to your GOAL or IDEA. As you continue in doing so in a strategic manner, you will start to feel as though you have already gotten what you want. A way to achieve this GOAL or IDEA will be shown to you in the form of images. Your duty is to act upon these ideas that you suddenly see presented to you.

Step 3:

Believe it’s coming and it will come. The law doesn’t judge, it’s duty is to obey. Look at it this way, take two seeds, plant 1 in the ground and then plant the other one in a cup or in plant pot. They will continuously grow in the same manner, with no limitations because the seed is the instrument and the law that governs them does not judge which of them is planted in the ground or in a plant pot. Belief is the nourishment of the non-physical seed which we call the IDEA or GOAL.

You need to understand these Laws are not man made, they are created by God. No one can alter or change them. They work with no exception. Here’s a story of how I had used the very same steps I have outlined above to manifest or attract R25,000 in less than a week.

It was March, 03 2018 when I wrote an affirmation of earning R25,000. It read, “I am so happy and grateful now that, I have earned R25,000 from multiple sources of income.” The need for this came as an urgency of my car breaking down.

I was told a few weeks back that repairing such a damage would cost around R25,000 to fix it and at the time it brokedown I only had R1,500 cash and R1,800 in my bank account. Now, if this really works it had to work sooner than later as I was in desperate need of realizing this IDEAL or GOAL.

So, as we wait to be towed I wrote an affirmation statement that says: “I am so happy and grateful now that, I have earned R25,000 from multiple sources of income.” Followed by the following statement, “The Absence of Evidence, is not Evidence of Absence. Believe it’s coming, and it will come.”

After that I had set a timer to ring every hour just to remind me of this affirmation. So, for the next couple of hours I kept meditating on this affirmation. The tow truck picked us up and took us to the mechanic to drop off the vehicle. The mechanic broke it down gently to me that I was looking at an expense of nothing less than R18,000 to repair the damage. In FAITH, I said fine do what you need to do tomorrow. Strip the car engine and let me know exactly what will be needed and how long it will take to fix it up.

Monday, March 04 2018:

I didn’t stop reading and meditating my affirmation. Every hour my timer would ring and I would read my affirmation of gratitude. Nothing happened the whole day and I was not willing to accept defeat, I pressed on being happy as though I had already gotten the R20,000 I need to fix my car.

Tuesday, March 05 2018:

I started where I left off yesterday, every hour the timer would ring and I’d read the affirmation and feel happy that I have already achieved this GOAL. Sometime during the morning I received a call that landed me R2,200. I was super pumped! I knew this had to work, it is by law. Low and behold, after 5 in the afternoon another call came and landed me R12,900 in business. Now, that took my belief to 100% I am on my way to achieve this GOAL by being obedient to the law.

Wednesday, March 06 2018:

I started my day on a very high note believing that the laws that control the universe we live in are so precise that we should have no difficulty achieving anything we truly want. The day went by with no earnings. However, that did not stop me from meditating on my affirmation. The mechanic had already started to work on my car and had sent the engine parts to the engineers for repairing.

Thursday, March 07 2018:

I was more pumped than when I had started meditating my affirmation even though I was just over midway to achieving my GOAL. Now, when this unfolds you begin wonder the greatness of God. It’s beyond our imagination and we can tap into this greatness by using our imagination to tap into the future and bring the future to our reality. In the afternoon of this beautiful day I had received another deal that led to me earning R10,497.95 plus R645.05. My belief sky rocketed to infinity!

That came to a total of R26,243 in less than a week. Believe me when I say these laws are working with precision and with no exception. You can achieve any GOAL or IDEA by following these strict rules and become the best you can be.

You won’t believe what I did after that. I figured if, it manifested in exactly a week I can do it again the following week. Low and behold, I landed earnings of R28,000 just by meditating on the same affirmation. So, it got me excited so much that I had written a new one that reads, “I am so happy and grateful now that, I have earned R350,000 from multiple sources of income.”

I started the meditation process on a daily basis, but this time I was not as committed as I was because I was not quite sure it would happen. However, I knew it can happen if I were to believe it would and the law will help in guiding me in the direction I need to take in order to realize it. 30 days came and went nothing happened. But, in less than 45 days after writing and meditating on this affirmation statement, I had over R350,000 in my bank account from multiple deals.

This works, and I can help you understand these laws. Join the Zibonele Mastermind Club and set any GOAL or IDEAL we will help achieve it by applying these laws and expand your awareness!

To your greatness,